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12 Pillars Of Relationship

Every person on earth wants to lead a happy and joyful life. Relationship plays major role in their pursuit of happiness. There are so many article about relationship, giving tips on how to make relationship successful, beautiful, healthy, happy and so on so forth. But most of the time these tips are not as effectiveContinue reading “12 Pillars Of Relationship”



“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?”. The queen asked this question and mirror gave the correct answer. That was a magical world. The real world is different and far more complex. If the question was to locate a single person “who is true to himself and does not pretend to be somebody else”,Continue reading “ShadowSelf”

Dissecting The Argument

Communication is the vital part of any relation. But what to do when our sincere attempts to communicate results in an arguments. I mean you just wanted to showcase your point , but you end up fighting. This can happen with anybody. Heated discussion with your spouse, sibling, parent, friend etc. is not very uncommon.Continue reading “Dissecting The Argument”

Just let It Go …

    Let it go, easy to say hard to follow,  isn’t??. Almost all of us use sentences such as are jane de yaar, chhor na yaar, let it go man etc. one time or another. But the fact is its never easy to let go especially if that particular situation is not in yourContinue reading “Just let It Go …”

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