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Appreciation: Token Of Love

Are you the ultimate romantic and have spent all your life wondering what love will bring?. However now that you are with your perfect soulmate, in deep love with each other, but somehow that feeling of ultimate bliss that love was supposed to bring is not present. You wonder why is it happening to you? I mean you have done everything right, so what is missing?

Did you miss something very basic but very important ?

A happy relationship requires a lot of ingredients, each having its own value and importance. However, one aspect of relationship that is easily overlooked or ignored is the “A” of relAtionship i.e. the role of “appreciation” in our lives. Here is my definition of appreciation …

Appreciation is an act of telling someone that they are doing awesome or to express your gratitude, but above all it is an expression that says “you care”, a token of your love.

Is appreciation really so important? Yes, it is.

At first the lack of appreciation may not be a very big factor but gradually it becomes one of the deciding factors that determines whether your relationship will be a happy one or not. The reason can be attributed to human nature of craving for admiration for their effort. … tarrif kise acchi nahi lagati 😉… Everybody loves getting recognised or appreciated, specially if it comes from their life partner. One may try to act humble, pretending that it does not matter or they don’t care, but deep down everybody loves and enjoys it. Even babies and toddlers can show you the importance of appreciation.

Appreciation is the fuel that powers the engine of your relationship.

Another reason why act of appreciating each other leads to a happy life is that each time one expresses the feeling of gratitude that they have for their life partner, it silently translates into more love and affection. Ab boond boond se sagar ke bharne ka to pata nahi but small complements can fill our life with happiness.🤗

Why don’t we complement each other more often?

Its not like people don’t have appreciation for each other. In the beginning of relationship, people do appreciate each other, however as time passes this mutual admiration and gratitude looses its charm or is forgotten. Yeah, i mean exceptions do exist, there are couples who continue this tradition. But most of us get so much busy in our rapid pace of life that we just do not remember something as trivial as finding time to express our appreciation towards our life partners.

What should be done ?

Firstly, we need to have self realisation to truly value the efforts of our loved one. We need to feel it internally, only then we can express it effectively.

Secondly, we need to make time. I know, as we progress through our life, we get engaged in various chores, which drain our energy and keep us busy most of time. However, the roles of appreciation can not be emphasised more. So we need to catch moments to say “thank you!!!”, whenever the situation arises. It may sound funny, but the best way is to make this a habit, just like eating or sleeping. It will take a lot of effort. Recognising the moment and pausing your life to express the token of gratitude is by no means an easy task. But the benefits are manifold. So start showing your loved once how much they mean to you😊😊


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68 thoughts on “Appreciation: Token Of Love

  1. Very informative! You are absolutely right. If we practice appreciation and gratitude in our daily life, which may change our lives forever. Keep sharing.


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